Jade Greenbrooke

Hello! My name is Jade Greenbrooke and I am photographer based in the South East of England.

From a young age I was taking photos of my pets and friends, it wasn’t until I was 14 that my parents brought me my first DSLR for Christmas, a red Canon 1100D that I still have, from that moment I was arranged photoshoots with friends in the park & taking photos of birds over my garden fence and I knew that I wanted to make a career out of it.

At 16 I photographed my first wedding and 7 years later I have now shot over 40 and don’t plan on stopping any time soon! I adore weddings, from finding out how people met to seeing their first dance as a married couple, there’s no better feeling than capturing the perfect moment on one of someone’s happiest days. And I don’t confine myself to Kent! I love to travel to new places, so far I’ve shot weddings in Essex, Sussex, Cambridge and Las Vegas

After graduating University I spent some time working as a photographer on board cruise ships, this allowed me to travel the world and gain experience working in a very professional environment, something I implement into my wedding work, whilst also being very relaxed and focused to ensure you have the most stress free day possible!


As well as photography, music is also one of my biggest passions – it influences a lot of my creative projects and when I had the opportunity to start photographing gigs for The Metal Report, it was so exciting! I shot my first gig, Behemoth in February 2019 and from then on I’ve managed to shoot Papa Roach, Slamdunk Festival, Bloodstock Festival, Gunnersville Festival and over 20 incredible gigs! My goal is to shoot for bands so I can capture not only the live performances, but also the backstage shots of bands in their most authentic, candid states!